1. Do you test your products on animals?

We are firmly against animal testing or sourcing ingredients from animals. We strongly advocate for environmental protection and do not harm any animals when making our products.

2. Do Aprilis products contain chemicals that are harmful to my health?
We assure you that at Aprilis our products do not contain hazardous chemicals and none of our products are harmful to humans. We are committed to the research and development of organic and naturally made products.

3. Can I use Aprilis products if I have sensitive skins?

We list the formulas for each product in full transparency on the product page for you to know about the product. However, we still recommend that you always consult your doctor for professional advice when deciding on beauty        products.

4. Can I get free samples?

Sorry, but unlike retail stores, our online store cannot provide samples. The good news is that we will occasionally hold giveaways on our site. Keep an eye on our special offers page for your chance to get free products!